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Making Upholstery Dreams Come True Being located in the heart of the Midwest, Sunset Strip and Upholstery has access to the best quality materials and employs the most skilled craftsmen available.  
Treasure Your Heirloom for Generations Sunset Strip and Upholstery offers professional, high-quality furniture refinishing and repair. Sunset can make your modern wood furniture or your antiques as beautiful as they once were. Sunset will treat your family heirlooms as if they were their own.
Craftsmen Dedicated to Quality Refinishing and Upholstery Sunset Strip and Upholstery, established in 1973, has a staff of more than 11 craftsmen (cabinetmakers, upholsterers, and artists) dedicated to quality refinishing, repairs, and upholstery.
Real Solutions Based on Superior Craftmenship Sunset Strip and Upholstery is geared to accommodate the special needs of clients ranging from individuals to commercial applications. In contrast with many other restoration shops that provide "quick fix" solutions that only temporarily mask underlying structural defects, Sunset provide long-term solutions based on superior craftsmanship.

We Itemize!

Because we know each opportunity to serve our customers is different, we offer the convenience of step-by-step itemization of the process with cost. Projects vary from stripping a table of many layers of paint to repairing the veneer and moldings on a family heirloom dresser.

If you're considering repairing an old upholstered rocker recliner yourself and want us to repair the springs and internal frame, we'll gladly itemize the process for you so you know exactly what it will cost before we start. Sometimes, someone will bring in a table or chest (or something else) that they've already stripped themselves and want us to sand, stain and spray on a coat of polyurethane. We can do that!  We'll make sure you understand exactly what we'll be doing to bring your piece to life.

Let Sunset Strip and Upholstery provide an estimate for your project.


Furniture Stripping

Are you into DIY? 

Sunset Strip and Upholstery can get you jump started with your do-it-yourself project by stripping your dresser, desk or other piece of furniture and let you do the rest!

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Brothers Antique Mall is our sister business and is located in the same building as Sunset Strip & Upholstery.
We're a Green Business!
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