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Refinishing your furniture is a great way to enhance the style of your home. Instead of wasting a ton of money on new furniture, let Sunset Strip and Upholstery refinish your piece(s) and help you bring your vision to life. 

Is there a difference between restoring and refinishing furniture.

Absolutely. If you restore an item, you return it to its original or usable and functional condition. With wood furniture, this process can include removing a failed or improper finish and replacing it with new finish appropriate to the age and use for the piece. But restoration can include a whole lot more. Restoration can include stripping a piece of its many layers of paint, replacing missing or broken doors, drawers, feet, trim pieces, veneers, hardware and any other part of the original piece. 

Replacing the old finish with a new one to update appearance and cover knicks and scratches is called refinishing; this is usually a step in the restoration process. Using technologically advanced equipment, products and processes, the expert technicians of Sunset Strip and Upholstery can revitalize your valuable furniture and wood pieces with a beautiful finish.

In the Finishing department of Sunset Strip and Upholstery, our service is basically broken down into three steps or phases. 

First we carefully sand the piece, removing as many blemishes from the wood as may be needed. 

We then stain the piece.  We prefer to stain the wood the color chosen by the customer as the wood will allow.  We can custom mix colors from our choice of stains listed on our color chart.  Pieces can also be painted, and we even offer a "shabby chic" option if they like.  We can pretty much do what the customer wants. 

The next step would be to spray finish onto the furniture.  We use a pre-catalized lacquer designed for kitchen cabinets.  We spray an average of five coats of lacquer, sanding between each coat.  Our normal sheen is a "satin" finish.  We can do any sheen from "flat" to "high-gloss".  We can, as previously stated, also paint, oil or varnish the piece. 

Sunset Strip and Upholstery specializes in color matches for insurance jobs and can match one piece of furniture to others in a set or household.  We can fine tune the matching using color in the finish or "tint" as well.  Our finish is just as hard as polyurethane, but is also "fixable."  If a scratch ever did occur, we could just spray another coat of lacquer and the scratch would "melt away."  

Go ahead, take a photo of your piece and get an estimate from our experts. We're certain you'll be pleased with our work and customer service.


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