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Furniture Stripping

Medina, Est. 1973

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Ready to refinish a table top or old chair?  Brave enough to do it yourself?  Sunset Strip and Upholstery can help you jump-start the process by stripping your piece down to the natural wood.  

We strip the old finish (pretty much any finish) off of anything using what is called a cold overflow system.  We use a chemical that is the consistency of water and only breaks down the solvents in the finish, causing no damage to the wood or metal.  The chemical is designed to be heated and put in a large vat which the furniture is soaked in,removing the finish.  

However, this process isn't very kind to older pieces. Thus, we use the chemical at room temperature and we "flow" it over the furniture using a hose and brush.  This allows us more control and is safer for antiques and pieces created using solvent based glues.  The chemical is safely de-activated with plain water.  The piece is powerwashed with water which is then safely disposed of.  It's then ready for other restoration steps as requested or, if you're a do-it-yourselfer, it's ready for your tender loving care as you move to other steps of refinishing. 

Call Sunset Strip and Upholstery and let's talk about our affordable options.  We'd love to help you bring your piece back to life!


Sunset Strip & Upholstery
6132 Wooster Pike
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